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Final Post

I believe this to be my final post for this site. Thanks to everyone who sent in the kind words and posted the kind messages over on EN World. I wrote up a preview article of 4th edition that I plan to send Morrus’s way once I’ve had someone edit it. I’ll likely post it here as well.

In summary, I had a great time and I can’t wait to play 4e. The Wizards folks were great and the game is a lot of fun. They could have had more delve tables ready and a few more talks during the weekend. The DCI mini competition was a disaster for me but I don’t really play minis. Overall, however, it was a great great weekend.

See you at Gencon! 


Stephen Wendell sent me an email with some solutions to the problem I brought up earlier. He mentioned that as an English speaker in France, he was in one of the more difficult situations for finding a good gaming group in the nearby area. His solution was to form a group using Meetup.com called “English-speaking Roleplaying Gamefreaks, Paris”. Meetup apparently has two different popular gaming groups: roleplayers.meetup.com and dnd.meetup.com. They both look like excellent ways to find gaming groups in your area.

Thank you for the note, Stephen! 

Home again

Ddxp is over! Time for ice cream.


Critting on dailies is the new 4e definition of awesome.

Geletenous cube defeated!

We killed Andy’s geletenous cube - an elite mob. He mentioned that the delve monster sheets may be online! I also talked to Rob Heinsoo and the fellow who wrote City of the Spiderqueen about NPC and monster advancement. Npcs advance as monsters not pcs and monsters advance by shifting into elite versions of the normal mob. Building npcs in the fly can be as fast as a couple of minutes. Same with monster advancement.

Bugbears and a carrion crawler.

Bugbears and a carrion crawler.


A delve run by Andy Collins!

Late Start

We’re planning on doing a little gaming this Sunday morning but we’re going to get a late start so it may be just one or two delves. My hope is to meet more gamers overall - folks I will see at Gencon or perhaps around the Northern Virginia area.

Yesterday I did an gamer interview with Gamer Zero and Blue. When they asked me what I fear most with 4e I mentioned my greatest fear and the greatest problem I think any tabletop RPG faces: social isolation. I know there are a lot of folks who want to play D&D but can’t find a group. It can be pretty tough. We’re all a little introverted already so trying to meet five strangers and put together a group can be pretty tough. I’m lucky that I’ve had four really excellent gaming groups over the years but each of them was separated with a pretty significant gap of time when I didn’t play because I didn’t have a group.

There are two things that Wizards has done to help with this: RPGA and D&D Insider.

My problem with RPGA is that it seems more statistical than role playing. There are stories but the stories are secondary to the encounters. We had a really great DM yesterday but I remember him describing a town square by the location of difficult terrain. There wasn’t any discussion about what we should do with the scroll or what sort of information we could get out of the bribed town guards.

 D&D Insider is another method but if I’m going to sit in front of my computer, I think I’d rather play WoW. D&D is a game for a table of friends. I know folks do play by post or other games over the net but if I have a hard time getting a group for an instance in WoW, I can’t imagine how tough it will be to get a group for a five hour campaign. I’m glad they’re trying but I’d like to see more options to get local gamers together.

Anyway, that is my greatest fear: that my groups will break up and I won’t find another way to play the game that I love.

 My wife and I are planning to head back to the Delve at about 11am. I’ll post more then. Also, expect a weekend recap sometime over the next couple of days before the DDXP blog is complete.


Heading home

Three delves and a run through Sembia. Not a bad day. As hard as the creatures have been, I worry that level one guys will be too easy. Of course, the power curve may be a lot more shallow.

Rogue shadar-kai

This rogue fades in and out. When he comes back, his sword is on fire and hits with a 10 point fire hit ongoing.